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OUR UAS Applications

Drones for Precision Agriculture
Precision Agriculture

Extensive acreages of crop stands can be analyzed for plant stress during the growing season and throughout maturity stages using near-infrared and multispectral imaging. The UAS gives us the ability to gain a new perspective on these large areas. Please visit Colorado AgDrones for more on our UAVs for Agriculture and to schedule services.

Drones for Thermal Imaging
Surface modeling

If you require highly accurate 3-dimensional products such as classified DEMs, DSMs, or tight contours for CAD integration, our photogrammetric UAS is capable of capturing incredibly detailed and georeferenced surface data. We use RTK-enabled GNSS receivers for setting ground control so you can expect the highest horizontal and vertical accuracy.

Drones for Aerial Imagery

Our high-resolution camera system allows us to generate same-day, orthorectified imagery for any application. We ensure that each orthomosaic is accurate and conforms to your specifications before we deliver. Applications include: golf course management, construction site monitoring, and post-disaster visualization.

About us

Front Range UAS was born out of the idea that anything can be attached to the bottom of a drone. Over two years ago, we began testing camera systems and various payloads on our multirotor, and from there, developed efficient data workflows and analysis. Today, we operate 6 UAVs, all with photogrammetry-capable sensors, and even multispectral payloads for agronomic intelligence. The future is bright, and we intend to continue to innovate, and develop valuable data and visualizations for our clients.

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